A refresh of your popular Amy sandal, this flattering looks are supportive and very changeable, therefore it fits a variety of puffiness

Our very own most supporting sandal

A refresh of our own popular Amy sandal, this flattering looks are supportive and very flexible, so that it fits a variety of puffiness. In addition suits a slightly thinner back whilst fastens high up the leg. The language cleverly disguises inflammation and stops the laces looking in, whilst the smooth, cushioned footbed and stretchy, cushioned elastane liner increase the general benefits.

Item Facts

Exactly why youa€™ll love Amelie.

  • Adjusts to match numerous inflammation
  • Lightweight main is stable and flexible
  • Will compliment a tiny, half orthotic
  • Lacing towards bottom provides a really flexible fit
  • Cushioned elastic liner for added comfort
  • Diabetic-friendly unless informed in order to prevent open-toed designs

Care Tips Guide

Protecting nubuck free mature women hookup sneakers

  • We advice your on a regular basis heal nubuck footwear with shoe protector to protect they from h2o and protect well from marks.

Cleansing & looking after nubuck shoes

  • To help keep nubuck looking great we advice using a suede/nubuck brush. A cleaning block is useful for removing any scars.
  • If for example the boots get moist let them dried out obviously. Dona€™t place them for the airing cupboard or near a fire or radiator. Filling all of them with magazine or muscle helps secure they maintain their unique form whilst drying out.

View here for our footwear maintenance systems.

Ideal for –

Goods Attributes

6E Additional Spacious Fitting

The womena€™s kinds become a 6E width fitting. These include specially designed to healthy most broad or swollen foot and they are larger, further and roomier than something throughout the high-street.

Convenient Soles

Flexible Polyurethane soles become extremely sturdy leading them to considerably suited to energetic people and those who are generally frustrating on their footwear.

Appropriate orthotics

This style is deeply adequate to supporting molded insoles or orthotics.

Diabetic Warm

Products that feature the diabetic friendly logo design are generally suited to use by people that have all forms of diabetes but while we are not health providers be sure to ensure that the merchandise would work to suit your individual specifications.

Healthier Sneakers Guide

Cosyfeet were people in the healthier Footwear Guide. This is exactly a cooperation between British footwear companies and foot health professionals. They highlights the necessity of wearing healthier, comfy footwear. Click the link for more information.

A refresh of our own well-known Amy sandal, this flattering style is supporting and also variable, as a result it fits a variety of puffiness. In addition, it fits a somewhat slimmer heel because fastens high-up the leg. The tongue cleverly disguises swelling and puts a stop to the laces looking in, while the smooth, cushioned footbed and stretchy, cushioned elastane coating increase the general convenience.


  • 1 Looks
    • 1.1 Charm Type
  • 2 Character
  • 3 Skill
  • 4 Record
    • 4.1 In Jewelpet
    • 4.2 In Jewelpet Twinklea?†
    • 4.3 In Jewelpet Sunshine
    • 4.4 In Jewelpet Kiraa?†Deco!
    • 4.5 In Jewelpet Contentment
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Amelie try a Djungarian hamster with a gray human anatomy and end, a darker grey stripe on top of the lady head, red paws and a white belly. The woman Jewel sight are formulated out-of purple amethysts. On her clothing, she wears a couple of lime green ribbons around each of the woman ears and a pink pearl necklace with a purple diamond-shaped amethyst jewel attached around the woman neck.

In Jewelpet, their ribbons be dark green after the woman is corrupted by Dian.

Charm Form

Amelie’s Jewel charms is eco-friendly and hexagon-shaped with purple heart-shaped amethyst jewels decorated about it and it has green lining.


According to research by the recognized internet site, Amelie is actually depicted as a depressed maiden that is wanting for true love.

In Jewelpet, she’s mainly kind-hearted and lively.

In Jewelpet Twinklea?†, this woman is called a person who is great at sarcasm.


Since Jewelpet of securities, Amelie’s miracle makes securities between two different people and keep their own commitment secured. In the first show, she can additionally develop website links between babies/toddlers as well as their moms and dads.


In Jewelpet

Amelie are a member of the Jewel Eight. In occurrence 34, Dian curses her into creating real person kids change against their unique moms and dads. The woman is sooner or later reclaimed by Rinko’s class through a race for the Jewel video games.

In Jewelpet Twinklea?†

Amelie is the lover of Angelina large Maniel Chocola Julliangeli, and antagonizes Ruby, Garnet, and Sapphie. She considers Sapphie as the woman primary opponent.

In Jewelpet Sunshine

Amelie is a pirate captain known as chief Amethyst, and the woman is tasked with guarding the Rainbow Jewel .

In Jewelpet Kiraa?†Deco!

Amelie is trapped in Paradise Village , a wasteland area that dislikes jewels. She serves Goriking as his private maid until this woman is saved by Ruby and her company.

In Jewelpet Glee

Amelie attends the Christmas celebration into the Jewelpet CafA© pleasure exactly who eventually types a secret Gem of her very own.