Bears Dislike Surprises! If you should be climbing through keep nation, create your position known-especially where the surface or vegetation will make it difficult read.

Create noise, sing, chat loudly or connect a bell your prepare. Whenever possible, trips with a group. Teams tend to be noisier and much easier for bears to discover. Prevent dense wash. If you cannot, make an effort to walk with the wind at your straight back so your scent will warn bears of the existence. Contrary to popular belief, bears can see nearly and men and women, but trust their particular noses significantly more than their vision or ears. Always try to let bears learn you happen to be there.

Bears, like humans, usage tracks and highway.

Do not establish camp near a trail they might incorporate. Detour around places where you notice or smell carcasses of fish or animals, or discover scavengers congregated. A bear’s dinners might here if in case the keep was nearby, it may guard the cache aggressively.

Don’t Group Bears! Provide bears plenty of room. Some Bears are more tolerant than the others, but every bear features a “personal space”-the point within which a bear seems endangered. Any time you stray within that region, a bear may react aggressively. When photographing carries, need very long contacts; acquiring near for a fantastic shot could put you within the danger zone.

Bears will always seeking Something to consume! Bears only have about half a year to build up excess fat reserves for his or her long wintertime hibernation. Don’t let them learn real person foods or rubbish is an easy dish. It really is both foolish and unlawful to feed bears, either deliberately or by making ingredients or garbage that appeals to all of them.

Make from your tent. Store all delicacies from your campground. Hang dinners out-of-reach of bears if at all possible. If no woods are available, save your food in airtight or specifically developed bear-proof pots. Remember, dogs as well as their ingredients might draw in bears.

Hold on a clean camp. Clean the foods. Refrain smelly food like bacon and smoked seafood. Hold delicacies smells down your apparel. Burn rubbish entirely in a hot flames and pack out of the remains. As well as garbage were just as attractive to a bear so address them with equal attention. Burying trash try a complete waste of energy. Bears have keen noses as they are fantastic diggers.

If a bear draws near while you’re fishing, stop angling.

For those who have a fish in your line, don’t let they splash. If that’s difficult, reduce your line. If a bear finds out it would possibly get fish just by nearing anglers, it’s going to get back for much more.


Guns must not be used instead of common-sense methods to keep encounters. If you should be inexperienced with a firearm in emergency circumstances, you might be more prone to end up being hurt by a gun than a bear. It really is unlawful to hold firearms in certain of Alaska’s nationwide parks, thus check before going.

A .300-Magnum rifle or a 12-gauge shotgun with rifled slugs work guns when you have to take a bear. Big handguns such as a .44-Magnum might inadequate in emergency problems, especially in untrained arms.

Condition laws allows a keep becoming recorded in self-defense any time you did not provoke the assault of course there’s absolutely no alternate, however the cover and skull ought to be salvaged and turned-over to the bodies.

Protective aerosol aerosols that have capsicum (red pepper plant) were used with many achievement for coverage against bears. These aerosols could be effective at a variety of 6-8 gardens. If released upwind or perhaps in a car, they’re able to disable an individual. Capture proper precautions. Should you decide bring a spray can, keep it helpful and understand how to make use of it.

To Sum Up

  • Escape surprising bears at close point; seek out signs of bears and come up with a lot of sound.
  • Eliminate crowding bears; honor their particular “personal area.”
  • Eliminate attracting bears through poor management of snacks or rubbish.
  • Strategy ahead of time, remain relaxed, recognize yourself, do not operate.

In most cases, bears commonly a risk, even so they create need your respect and focus. When travel in keep nation, hold alert and enjoy the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures within natural habitat.

Feminine bears is generally fierce defenders of these young. Obtaining between women along with her cubs was a serious mistake. A lady keep may respond aggressively to any hazard she perceives to her cubs.

For more information about travel in bear country, be sure to contact among the many appropriate firms which participated in publishing of your brochure:

Alaska Section of Seafood & Video Game

Alaska DNR, sections of Forestry and Parks and outdoors relaxation

Alaska office of people security, Division of Fish & Wildlife security

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Pic credits: Larry Aumiller, K. Whitten, John Hyde