Something that we never recognized concerning the coveted “nerdy girl(buddy)”.

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Hey all, this has been awhile since I’ve actually going an interest on here. Ideally it doesn’t devolve into arguments or craze or any such thing. In ways this is certainly a post of interest, and also in one other way its an apology.

My buddies have long since decided it’s the perfect time for me personally are matchmaking once more, and even though I’m ok with that

being a nerd I decided it can oftimes be for top to find a person who at least stocks a number of the activities i like in that department. I do not require total nerd, but no less than some could be great. I already get peculiar actively seeks taking pleasure in what I enjoy from rest around me personally. Really don’t desire among those visitors to end up being the people I proper care about/spend considerable time with. But I play the role of versatile since I have understand the nerdy female try purportedly an uncommon commodity. I never pointed out this in their mind, but my buddies apparently made the decision this as well for reasons uknown, to the position where one flat-out informed me: “guy, speaking as one of all of us which partnered a ‘normal’ lady, I WANT you to get rid of with a nerdy lady!”

That sort of shocked me personally making me feeling detrimental to the man’s partner, who’s very nice (they all are. They are additionally all tremendously patient whenever the significant united states get someplace such as the comical store and choose tag along and I also try making they a point to thank all of them for suffering our shenanigans once they’re plainly very really annoyed.) It isn’t really they you shouldn’t like eachother, as I know they actually do, but I think the guy recognizes how I feel about exactly how a percentage of their lifestyle he truly enjoys can’t be distributed to his girlfriend.

Now, this all stated, practical question of ratio constantly arises. Dudes to babes, you understand the drill. They constantly may seem like some one another person knows found one, or a buddy of a friend understands one or views all of them committed. But not one people UNDERSTAND anyone or need came across anyone who meets the bill.

(Please note that I look over everything I’ve written over therefore feels like i am objectifying the folks at issue terribly. Maybe not my intention and I also apologize. Not-being misogynistic or hateful, only trying to get the idea across.)

Not too long ago but I ran into a colleague who I happened to be assigned with tuition so when the girl and that I got around to making reference to circumstances we create outside services I acknowledge that i’m a nerd and whatnot along with her reaction is: “oh! I was once a nerd too, but I became bullied truly poor thus I kinda ceased becoming one.”

Today, I Realize that. Nothing wrong with-it. I recall being bullied in school and being by yourself for a number of the amount of time considering it. However it provided me with some delicacies for thought as I thought about what she mentioned most. Perhaps I generated a number of assumptions, but I really don’t feel like they are as well far-fetched. Fundamentally this time came to myself:

Girls/women whom are/were into nerdy factors. really, factors must-have or create pull worse yet on their behalf than they actually do for nerdy guys.

I’m guessing a nerdy woman at school might have issues getting as well as other ladies because she’s nerdy, as well as IDEAL she gets suspicion from men for being phony, at WORST they being creepy. The best instance circumstance was an inferior group of friends. At the worst (and perchance inclined depending on where and/or whenever one had their schooling) this may has created little to no pals after all.

that has to merely. draw. Flat-out end up being awful and terrible. additionally the worst component is right here I am trying to find an individual who had that. What sort of an awful person in the morning we to want that on another person only and so I have actually someone to take-out to a movie and food and get home and play webpage 2 with? It creates myself feel like a jerk. I did not has some friends experiencing school, but damn.

Anyhow. have always been I completely off-base because of this? It’s just an idea I’d predicated on the things I recall from my ages in school as well as how, to some degree, people still works. Performs this nevertheless accidentally girls exactly who enjoy ‘nerdy’ situations? Is it since poor as I’m considering they probably was actually? Girls I do know whom share my passion bring so far consented that certainly, it had been poor, and certainly, i am kinda on-point by what i am convinced. But what about everyone? Any thinking? Stories? Have always been I correct or incorrect to be feeling like a jerk for planning to date an individual who offers my personal hobbies?